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Author Bio 

Birthday: May 1979

Born: North Carolina

UNC - Wilmington, B.A. Environmental Studies (2001)

Peace Corps El Salvador (2001-03)

Georgetown Law J.D. (2009)

Litigator in DC and TX through 2015 

Now lives and writes in Charlottesville, Virginia 

Conversations With US - Great Lakes States is his first book

(author bio sheet below)

Unwilling to let the pollsters and pundits define his country, Chris Register traded his ergonomic lawyer’s chair for a stiff bicycle seat and set out to uncover the truth about the state of the nation today. After interviewing hundreds of everyday Americans during 16,000 miles of solo bicycle travel, Chris put down the kickstand to document this epic survey of the United States in his multi-volume Conversations With US series. His latest adventure involves moving from pedal to print with his publishing company, Spoke & Word Books.  

see alsohttps://www.conversationswithus.com/what-is-conversations-with-us

The eight-volume Conversations With US book series documents Chris's pedal-powered exploration of the United States, focusing on the daily conversations he had with a diverse swath of Americans along the way. Chris toured the country in several regional blocks, averaging around 5 weeks and 1,900 miles per region.


These tours are now being documented in regional volumes, the first two of which have so far been published: Great Lakes States and American Southwest. Appalachia & Bluegrass Country is next in line.  

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Chris Register Author Info Sheet
Author Bio
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CWU v1 - Great Lakes States - Info Sheet
Great Lakes States
Info Sheet
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CWU v2 - American Southwest - Info Sheet
American Southwest
Info Sheet
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For images specific to your region, please email contact@spokewordbooks.com
Cover Image-Mosaic Flag.jpg
This flag on each Conversations With US cover is a collage of everyone Chris has interviewed
Conversations With US - Great Lakes States 
(Volume 1 of the Conversations With US series)
published March 2019
(Charlottesville, Virginia)
280 pages
dozens of full-color photos
flexibound cover
printed in the USA
click here for a sample chapter
Conversations With US - American Southwest
(Volume 2 of the Conversations With US series)
published March 2020
(Charlottesville, Virginia)
288 pages
dozens of full-color photos
flexibound cover
printed in the USA
click here for a sample chapter
both books available at
Conversations With US - Appalachia & Bluegrass Country
(Volume 3 of the Conversations With US series)
projected publication winter 2020/21
More volumes to follow
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Great Lakes States interactive route map, click here 
American Southwest interactive route map, click here
- Project Statistics -
49 states + DC and 1 day each in Canada and Mexico*
15,769 miles
355 days on the road
376 people interviewed
6,307,000 crankset revolutions
710,000 extra calories burned
46 flat tires
*Hawai'i will be completed in 2021